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Self Aspirations 1~Year 2~Year 3~Year 4~Year 5~Year Plan

Some Backstory

The first website I created was at age 13 and was an equivalent to your run of the mill myspace page. At age 16 I started a passion project about Android OS ~ (Youtube app review channel/news blog), which ran for two plus years. Taking a break from content creation, I pivoted towards e-commerce in the form of an eBay Store for another two years. Learning a lot while profiting a little; I also dabbled in drop-shipping, P.O.D, & affiliate marketing.

I bring all these past endeavors up to better explain what is to come for future projects. Particularly this website, which will act primarily as the hub for further undertakings and perhaps eventually…most probably an online artist shop.

Plan Period From: January 2019 ~ January 2024

6 - 18 Months

Short Term Goals
  • Grow email list to Two hundred active subscribers
  • Launch Psychedelicaseee, renamed psychDelicacy
  • Launch the Luminary Learners Series
  • One Full Season of Sundae Slaps Music Series
  • Unveil my secret project~

2 - 5 Years

Long Term Goals
  • Grow email list to Two thousand active subscribers
  • Create my own brand that will distinguish my qualifications for a job within Digital Marketing or E-commerce.
  • Create an entire series (Backstory/Characters/Universe)


My Current Position

Launching two personal projects, One Portfolio styled blog & One niche brand/content blog ~ Supported with affiliate services instead of adwords/donations

  • Learning Copywriting
  • Learning Adobe Cloud Software
  • Learning Full Stack Web Development
  • Learning Email Marketing


Year Two

My focus is on building up an email list through content creation projects. My secondary goal is to collaborate with some fellow creatives.


Year Three

I will have created a fully fleshed out story based on previous works.


Year Four

I will have enough moxy to launch an eCommerce shop focusing on Pins, Prints & Seasonal Apparel.

  • Produce/Fund my first paid marketing campaign
  • Create a limited series run of pins & prints based off the special secret project that is in development.


Year Five

Get to the point where I require and am able to afford outside help. These skilled individuals will help me through creative endeavors I never thought were possibly!


  • Create VR/AR product
  • Enrich the artistic community
  • Tattoo Free

Understanding the power of social contracts, I’d like to share three long-term goals, three short-term goals, & brief five-year plan.